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Frank Mundy*

Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:07th Bn [1]
Name of Rgt or Ship:Manchester Rgt
How Died:Died of Wounds
Country of burial:EgyptGrave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Alexandria (Chatby) Cemetery
Town Memorial:Stretford
Extra Information:
Born during the June quarter 1879 in the Chorlton R.D. - ref: 8c/823, the
son of William & Jane Mundy (nee Youde)

1881 Census - 90 York Street, Hulme, Manchester.   Family recorded as
MUNDAY.   Son - aged: 2 - born: Manchester.   Head of household - William
Mundy - Married - aged: 35 - occ: Iron Moulder - born: Nantwich, Cheshire. 
  Also Jane Mundy - Wife - aged: 39 - born: Chester.    Plus 4 brothers.

1891 Census - 90 York Street, Hulme, Manchester.    Son - aged: 12 -
Scholar - born: Hulme.   Head of household - William John Mundy - Married -
aged: 46 - occ: Iron Moulder - born: Middlewich, Cheshire.  Also Jane Mundy
- Wife - aged: 49 - born: Chester.    Plus 3 brothers.

Married - Sarah Helen Rowlinson during the September quarter 1900 in the
Chorlton R.D. - ref: 8c/1395.

1901 Census - 16 Clopton Street, Hulme, Manchester.   Son in Law - Married
- aged: 22 - occ: Shipwright - born: Hulme, Manchester.    Head of
household - Thomas Rawlinson - Widower - aged: 45 - occ: Coal Carter -
born: Gorton, Manchester.   Plus Frank's wife - Helen Mundy - Daughter -
aged: 23 - born: Hulme, Manchester.

1911 Census - 234 Ayres Road, Old Trafford.     Head - Married - aged: 32 -
occ: School Caretaker (Seymour Park School - Stretford U.D.C.) - born:
Hulme, Manchester.    Also - Sarah Helen Mundy - Wife - aged: 33 - born:
Hulme, Manchester.   Plus his elder brother - Thomas Albert Mundy - aged:
35 - occ: Wood & Iron Building Contractor (Employer) - born: Hulme,

Serving with the 1/7th Bn (T.F.) Manchester Rgt., Part of Lancashire
Fusiliers Brigade, East Lancashire Division - they sailed to Cairo in April
1915 and in May, they became 125th Brigade, 42nd (East Lancashire)
Division.   Sailed on the lonian at 21.00 hrs (3rd).  Commenced landing at
“V” Beach, Helles 13.00 hrs. (7th).  War Diary of 127th Brigade records
that the Ionian was delayed 1 day at sea due to “trouble with stokers.”
 Moved to bivouacs on cliff near “W” Beach the at 19.00 hrs, then
forward to positions west of Krithia Bridge.  Took over firing and support
lines — Krithia Nullah sector during night (11th).  Two platoons advanced
100 yards on left of Brigade line (13th).   Unable to hold gains and forced
to withdraw during night. Moved back to Brigade Reserve (16th) - general
reserve (21st).   Relieved 1/4th East Lancashire in forward area (25th). 
Together with the 1/8th Manchester's, they took part in operations to move
line forward (28th) - “B” and “D” Companies dug in during night. 
Captains T.W. Savatard and R.V. Rylands killed.  Some 120 to 200 yards
gained.   Lieutenant T.F. Brown killed (30th).

They were now taking part in the "Third Battle of Krithia" that commenced
on the 4th June.   Their first objective was taken by “A” and “C”
Companies during attack.  Later, “B” and “D” Companies passed
through and engaged enemy in second line.   Right flank came under enfilade
fire but line held.  Gains held and consolidated.  Although the British
broke through the Turkish lines towards Krithia, this advantage was not
followed up and the Turkish line held.  The British suffered more than
4,500 casualties, the French more than 2,000 and the Turks admitted to more
than 9,000 dead and wounded.   Enemy attack driven off (6th). Began
withdrawal to Army Corps.

Company Sgt.Major Frank Mundy, 7th Battalion Manchester Regiment (T.F.),
previously caretaker of Seymour Park Council School, Old Trafford,
eventually died of wounds received in action in the Dardenelles 4th June

According to the history of the Seymour Park School, Frank Mundy's wife -
Sarah Helen Mundy took over the position of School Caretaker when her
husband left to go to war.  Mrs. Mundy eventually retired from the post on
the 19th December 1919.

SDGW states that he died at Gallipoli.   *Spelt Munday on Cenotaph and on
St. John's Memorial and in the Stretford WW1 Memorial Book.

Photo of him in Trafford Lifetimes.

Memorials found on:
St. John's (Altrincham)
St. John's (Old Trafford)
Seymour Park School
Stretford Borough Memorial Book
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