Altrincham WW1 - Surnames starting with the letter H. 

Dennis Hanley

Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:09th Bn
Name of Rgt or Ship:Cheshire Rgt
How Died:Killed in Action
Country of burial:France
Cemetery or Memorial:Thiepval Memorial, Somme
Town Memorial:Altrincham
Extra Information:
Born on the 16th June 1889, the birth being registered during the September
quarter 1889 in the Altrincham R.D. - ref: 8a/173, the son of James  &
Catherine Hanley (nee May).

1891 Census - 46 Chapel Street, Altrincham.    Son - aged: 1 - born:
Altrincham (Surname spelt "Hanley").   Head of household - Catherine Hanley
- Married - occ: Agricultural Labourer - aged: 22 - born: England.   Plus 1
brother and 3 Lodgers.  [James Hanley has incorrectly been listed as
Catherine's 21 year old SON !!!.  [He should, of course have been listed as
the Head] - Married - aged: 21 - occ: Agricultural Labourer - born:

1901 Census - 44 Chapel Street, Altrincham.   Son - aged: 11 - born:
Altrincham (Surname spelt "Hanley").   Head of household - James Hanley -
Married - aged: 31 - occ: Bricklayer's Labourer - born: Altrincham.   Also
- Kate Hanley - Wife - aged: 30 - born: Altrincham.   Plus 4 younger

1911 Census - 10 Chapel Street, Altrincham.    Son - aged: 21 - occ: Stores
Labourer at Printing Machinery (Linotype Works) born: Altrincham (Surname
spelt "Hanley").    Head of household - James Hanley - Married - aged: 42 -
occ: Bricklayer's Labourer - born: Altrincham.   Also Catherine Hanley -
Wife - aged: 40 - born: Altrincham.  Plus 4 younger siblings.  They had
been married for 21 years and produced 5 children - all 5 were still

Married Catherine Hennerly at St. Vincent's R.C. Church on the 30th
September 1911 and registered during the September quarter 1911 - ref:
8a/474.   They had two children - Dennis Hanley, born: 17/02/1913 and John
(Jack) Michael Hanley, born: 22/05/1914.   They were all residing at the
famly home with his parents at No.10 Chapel Street.    Catherine died at 13
Chapel Street on the 14th October 1915.   Aged, just 23 years, she died of
a heart complaint.  Her father - Dennis Hennerley was present at her death
and signed the register with a 'X'  Mark.   Dennis was then servng in
France.  Her sister - Florence Hennerley took over responsibility of
looking after their two children.

WO363 - Name spelt Dennis Handley.  Aged 25 years 76 days, he enlisted at
Altrincham on the 30th August 1914.   His address was recorded as 12 Chapel
Street and was employed as a Labourer.  Posted into the 8th Battalion,
Chesire Rgt on the 2nd September 1914.   He was 5 feet 4 3/8th inches in
height; he weighed 118 lb; his chest measurements were 33 1/2 expanded to
35 1/2 inches.   He had a fresh complexion; grey eyes; light brown hair and
his religion recorded as Roman Catholic.

Posted to France in the 9th Battalion on the 19th July 1915.   Appointed
paid Lance Corporal on the 1th December 1915, and promoted to Corporal on
the 1st February 1916.   His presonal effects were sent to Miss Florence
Hennerly, 13 Chapel Street, Altrincham on the 30th November 1916.

The 9th (Service) Bn was part of 58th Brigade, 19th (Western) Division.  
Moved forward from Bresle during the night of 30/06 and assembled on the
railway embankment near Albert.   Took up position in the Tar-Usna Line at
10.00am on 01/07.  Later moved forward to B├ęcourt Wood and from there
relieved the 34th Division holding the German line around Lochnagar Crater.
 In action around La Boisselle 02-04/07.   Relieved and went back to the
Tara-Usna Line.    Casualties between 01/07 and 04/07 were - 307.

Dennis had three brothers - James Hanley, born 1890;  John Hanley, born:
1894 and Michael, born: 1897.  Michael was serving in India.  He had one
sister - Mrs. M. Elliot, born: 1892.  This information was given by Dennis'
sister in law - Florence Booth on the 10th August 1919.

Spelt 'Hanley' on the Altrincham Cenotaph, the Chapel St. Mem, the Roll of
Honour, the 1914 Street Directory, the various census returns and FreeBMD. 
   Spelt 'Handley' on SDGW and the CWGC database.   Spelt Hanley on all the
FreeBMD records.

Pension Record - Mrs. Florence Handley (Guardian), 13 Chapel Street,
Altrincham. - Awarded a weekly pension of 10/- (referred to as a
"Motherlees Rate") w.e.f. the 5th February 1917.

See also "The Bravest Little Street in England" by Karen Cliff, Trafford
Local Studies Library.

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