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William Hennerley

Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:04th Bn
Name of Rgt or Ship:South Wales Borderers
How Died:Died
Country of burial:EgyptGrave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Alexandria (Chatby) Memorial Cemetery
Town Memorial:Altrincham
Extra Information:
Born on the 25th April 1887, the birth being registered during the June
quarter 1887 in the Altrincham R.D. - ref: 8a/188.   Registered under the
name - William HENNLY, the son of John & Margaret Hennerley.   Baptised at
the Church of St. Vincent de Paul on the 12th June 1887.    Not easy to
research as there are several spelling variations of his name.

1891 Census - 33 Chapel Street, Altrincham.   Son - aged: 3 - born:
Altrincham.   Head of household - John Hennerley - Married - aged: 32 -
occ: Bricklayer's Labourer - born: Altrincham.   Also - Margaret Hennerley
- Wife - aged: 30 - born: Altrincham.  Plus 7 siblings, all born at

1901 Census - 33 Chapel Street, Altrincham.   Family listed under the name
HENNLY.   Son - aged: 13 - born: Altrincham.   Head of household - John
Hennly Married - aged: 43 - occ: Brick Setter's Labourer - born:
Altrincham.    Also - Margaret Hennly - Wife - aged: 40 - born: Altrincham.
 Plus 5 siblings and 2 Lodgers.

Commenced his career as Caddie Master at Timperley Golf Club.   Employed as
the Professional at the Anson Golf Club, Longsight, Manchester.

Married May Tinsley during the June quarter 1909 in the Bucklow R.D. - ref:
8a/451.  However, the 1911 census records her as Mary Agnes Hennerley ???

1911 Census - 11 Melling Street, Longsight, Manchester.   Head of household
- Married - aged: 23 - occ: Professional Golfer - born: Altrincham.   Also
Mary Agnes Hennerley - Wife - aged: 26 - born: St. Helen's, Lancashire. 
They had been married 2 years and had two children - Eva Margaret - born at
Altrincham, aged: 18 months and William John - born at Longsight, aged: 4
months.  Plus William's brother - Martin Hennerley and Martin's wife -
Henrietta Hennerley.

In September 1911 Mary was granted a separation order on the grounds of
desertion, however, they went on to have two more children - Emily born in
early 1913 and Thomas in late 1914.   Both were registered in the Chorley
R.D.  He was residing at 14 Cobden Street, Chorley when he enlisted into
the Cheshire Rgt.

Joined the 9th Bn Cheshire Rgt No. 11364 soon after war broke out. 
Transferred to the SWBs and drafted to Gallipoli on 19/07/1915.

4th (Service) Bn SWB At Woking in June 1915, part of 40th Brigade, 13th
(Western Division). . A total of 30 Officers and 970 other ranks embarked
on "Megantic" at Avonmouth 28/06 and sailed at 9.00pm on 29/06/1915.   
Arrived Malta 05/07, then Alexandria on 08/07.   One officer and 31 men
left in charge of the animals, then to Lemnos on 10/07.   Arrived Mudros
12/07.  Landed on 'V' Beach at Helles, then to Gulley Beach.    Moved
forward up Gulley Ravine and into support trenches on 16/07.   Relieved the
King's Own in front line trenches H12, H12a & H12b 17/07.   Moved onto
ANZAC on 03/08 strength now 25 officers and 750 other ranks. Involved in
heavy fighting throughout August.  On 03/09 they went to Sulva and into
Corps reserve positions at Lal Baba, constructing defensive positions and
unloading ships. Back into the front line west of Anafarta Sagir 19/09,
then Chocolate Hill sector 30/09.   War Diary notes that - "there is much
sickness" - strength by end of September down to - 10 officers and 211
other ranks.

Local newspaper reports that he  lived at 14 Cobden St, Longsight (wrong -
it was at Chorley, Lancashire)  He left a widow and four children.  Listed
as William Hennerty on the Roll of Honour - Hennerley on Cenotaph.      
Listed in the Guardian Year Book - Roll of Honour for 1916, which states
that he was "formerly of Altrincham".     There was a Dennis Hennerley
(presumably his brother), a General Dealer living at No. 13 Chapel St, but
no mention of his father, John Hennerley

SDGW states (it does contain many inaccuracies) that he "Died" which would
indicate that he died of natural causes.   He had served at Gallipoli and
was evacuated to Egypt (presumably because of illness - perhaps the ever
pervasive Dysentery ?).   His MIC states that he died of disease.

His father John, had served for 22 years in the Cheshire Militia and Lance
Corporal William had four brothers who had, or were serving:-
*Private Hugh had served in the Boer War and was employed as a builder
before the 1st W.W.  Joining the 1st Bn Cheshire Rgt, he was injured in a
gas bomb attack in France, which affected his health until he died in
*Private Dennis joined the King's Own (Royal Lancaster Rgt) in August 1914
and was wounded in France at the end of that year, but by October 1915
(perhaps before then) was back at the front again.
*Private James served with the King's (Liverpool Rgt) and died in India
some years prior to the 1st W.W.
*Another brother (presumably Francis Joseph - also known as Frank) was
serving with the 2nd Bn Cheshire Rgt.

Pension Record - N of K = Mary Hennerley 14 Cobden Street, Chorley,
Lancashire.   Children listed = Eva Margaret - born on  the 6th October
1909 - William John - born on the 3rd December 1910 -  Cicely - born on the
23rd November 1912 and Thomas - born on the 15th October 1914.   His widow
was awarded a weekly pension of 22/6d w.e.f. the 17th April 1916.  Cannot
decipher cause of death.

See also "The Bravest Little Street in England" by Karen Cliff, Trafford
Local Studies Library.

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