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Arthur Mawdsley

Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:281st Coy
Name of Rgt or Ship:Labour Corps
How Died:Died
Country of burial:U.K.Grave Photo:Yes
Cemetery or Memorial:Altrincham (Hale) Cemetery
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Born as Arthur ALDCROFT during the September quarter 1880 in the Altrincham
R.D. - ref: 8a/175, the son of Mary Ann Aldcroft who married Thomas
Mawdsley during the December quarter 1880 in the Altrincham R.D. - ref:
8a/263.  Mary Ann Aldcroft was born during the June quarter 1854 in the
Manchester RD. and a spinster at the time of her marriage to Thomas.

1881 Census - Sinderland, Dunham Massey.   Son - listed as Arthur ALDCROFT
- aged: 9 months - born: Dunham Town.   Head of household - Thomas Mawdsley
- Married - aged: 44 - occ: Labourer - born: Burscough, Lancashire.   Also
- Mary Ann Mawdsley - Wife - aged: 27 - born: Manchester.

1891 Census - No trace of Arthur or his mother, but his father
(step-father?) - Thomas Mawdsley, was residing at 23 Railway Road, Oldham. 
 Boarder - Married - aged: 54 - occ: Shoemaker - born: Burscough,

Arthur attested into the 3rd Cheshire Militia on the 31st October 1900,
under the name of Arthur ALDCROFT.    Soldier Number 5909.  Aged: 22 years,
5 months.  Born and resided in St. John's Parish, Altrincham.   Employed as
a Labourer by Mr. Brierley.   Height: 5 feet 5 1/2 inches.   Weight: 140
lb.  Chest measurements: 33/35 inches.   Complexion: Fresh.  Eyes: Grey. 
Colour of Hair: Sandy.   Religion: Church of England.

Then enlisted into Cheshire Regiment - 22nd Company of Foot on the 19th
December 1900, still under the name of Arthur ALDCROFT.   Soldier Number
6451.   Born in Dunham Massey, Altrincham.   Aged: 22 years 5 months.  
Occ: Labourer.   Personal details - as above.    His early military service
was not auspicious.   19/06/1901 - Under arrest, awaiting trial by CM.  
25/06/1901 - Tried by CM and convicted of (1) Breaking out of Barracks (2)
Losing by Negect (Pay ?).  Sentenced to 21 days Hard Labour, plus stoppage
of pay.  Taken straight to prison that day and released back to duty on
15/07/1901.   He lasted only 12 days before getting into trouble again.  
27/07/1901 - Under arrest, awaiting trial by CM.  06/08/1901 - Tried by CM
and convicted of (1) Absence,  (2) Drunkeness,  (3) Making away with his
clothing,  (4) Losing by neglect (Pay ?).  Sentenced to 42 days Hard
Labour, plus stoppage of pay.   Taken straight to prison that day and
released on 26/09/19091.   That same day, application was made for him to
be discharged from the Army as being "Iincorrigible and Worthless".   His
Army service terminated on the 15th October 1901.

1901 Census - Chester Castle.  Listed as Arthur ALDCROFT - a Private in
Cheshire Rgt - aged: 22 - born: Dunham Massey, There is no trace of any
Arthur Mawsley in 1901.    His MOTHER was then residing at 1 Royle Street,
Altrincham.    Mary A Mawdsley - Head -  Widow - aged: 43 - occ: Charwoman
- born: Altrincham.   Plus 3 siblings (or half-siblings ?) and two

1911 Census - 6 Royle Street, Altrincham.  Son (now listed as Arthur
MAWDSLEY) - aged: 32 - occ: Carter - born: Dunham Massey.    Head of
household - Mary Ann Mawdsley - Widow - aged: 57 - occ: Field Labourer at
Nursery - born: Timperley.  Plus two much younger brothers.

WO363 - He certainly didn't rush to join the colours again at the outbrak
of War in 1914.   He was probably conscripted and attested into the 3rd
Battailion, King's Shropshire Light Infantry on the 31st March 1916.    The
3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion, KSLI was a Special Reserve Battalion
(formerly the old county Militia, renamed in the 1908 reforms) and served
only as a training battalion during the war, with no overseas war service. 
 Served in Wales and Scotland until December 1917 when it moved to Cork and
ended the war at Fermoy, later being formally absorbed into the 2nd
Battalion.   As a training battalion, it fed large numbers of men into the
KSLI and other units.4th (Territorial) Battalion, 1914-18

Arthur's MIC (Medal In dex Card)confirms that he initally served in the
KSLI - number 23959.

At the time of his enlistment on the 31st March 1916, he stated that he was
residing at 11 Chapel Street, Altrincham and was aged: 39 years, 2 months. 
He confirmed that he had previously served in the 3rd Cheshire Militia (but
probably didn't declare that he served under the name of Arthur ALDCROFT
?).  He is now recorded as being 5 feet 5 inches in height, with a chest
measurment of 35 inches, with a 2 1/2 inch expansion.

11 Chapel Street was an eight bed Lodging House and he lists his mother as
residing at 1 Royle Street, Altrincham.

On the 28th August 1916 he was drafted to an Overseas Base Depot in France
and served there until the 7th May 1916.  He had sustained a G.S.W. (gun
shot wound) and had been admitted to No. 6 Stationary Hospital, Frevent on
the 3rd May 1917.

He was posted to a Labour Centre on the 19th September 1917 and given a new
number - 390604.   He served "at home" until being drafted once again to
France on the 23rd October 1917 and served in the 15th Company Labour
Corps.   He returned to Blighty on the 14th February 1919 and was
discharged - his character quoted as "Fair".  He was awarded 11/- pw
pension from 16/03/1919 to 02/09/1919 and then 16/- pw for 28 weeks w.e.f.

However, it would appear that his second adventure into Military Service
was also marred with offences.   On 01/12/1917 he was "Whilst on Active
Service" charged with - (1) Not complying with an order,  (2) Using obscene
language to an NCO.   He was ordered to lose pay, though it is not clear
how much.  On 14/07/1918 he was "Whilst on Active Service" charged with -
Found to be in his billet during working hours.  Given 10 days "Field
Punishment No.2".    On 03/12/1918, "Whilst on Active Service" charged with
being Absent - overstaying his leave by two days.   Forfeited 10 days pay.

His mother died in 1940, aged: 85.

He died at Altrincham.    Buried 09/02/20 - Burial No. 4,378.

CWGC Headstone.  M.I. "Until we meet again".

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