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Ernest Pollitt

Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:08th Bn
Name of Rgt or Ship:Cheshire Rgt
How Died:Killed in Action
Country of burial:GallipoliGrave Photo:Yes
Cemetery or Memorial:Ari Burnu ANZAC Cemetery
Town Memorial:Altrincham
Extra Information:
Born during the September quarter 1890 in the Altrincham R.D. - ref:
8a/184, the son of Elias & Elizabeth Pollitt (nee Ardern).

1891 Census - 28 Oakfield Road, Altrincham.   (The house of his maternal
grandparents) Grandson - listed as TOM Pollitt - aged: 11 months - born:
Altrincham.  Head of household is his Maternal Ardern grandparents.    His
mother - Elizabeth Pollitt is listed as - Daughter - Married - aged: 30 -
born: Altrincham.  His father Elias Pollitt - Married - aged: 31 (???) -
occ: Iron Moulder - born: Altrincham.   Plus 4 of his maternal aunts and
uncles.  His father was born in 1869, so this is not his correct age - he
was only 22 in 1891.

His mother - Elizabeth Pollitt died between 1891 and 1901: 

1901 Census - 12 Wharf Road, Altrincham.   (The house of his paternal
grandmother).   Grandson (now listed as ERNEST) - aged: 10 - born:
Altrincham.   His widower father - Elias Politt - son - aged: 32 - occ:
Iron Moulder - born: Broadheath.  Plus his younger brother and some other
family members.     His father's age is now correct.

His father - Elias Pollitt died in 1907 - aged: 37.

1911 Census - 12 Castleton Street, Dunham Massey.   Nephew to George Harry
Pollitt - aged: 20 - occ: Labourer at Iron Foundry - born: Broadheath. 

Employed in the Moulding Dept of the Westinghouse Co. Trafford Park.  
Played football for Broadheath F.C. & Cook Employees F.C.

In June 1915 the Battalion was at Pirbright, Surrey, part of 40th Brigade,
13th Western Division.  On the 26th June 1915, they embarked at Avonmouth
on the S.S. Ivernia.

Arrived Malta on 3rd July - departed on 4th and arrived Alexandria on the
7th - departed again on th 8th and arrived at Mudros on the 10th.  
Disembarked on the 14th July.  Embarked again on the S.S. Whitby Abbey on
the 16th.

Landed at "V" Beach, Cape Helles and onto Gulley Beach.  Moved forward to
reserve positions at Eastern Mule Trench - rear of the Eski Line.  
Relieved the 8th Bn Royal Welsh Fusiliers in firing line at Worcester Flat
on the 19th.  Relieved and back to Eski Line on the 20th - Relieved the 8th
Royal Welsh Fusiliers again at Worcester Flat on the 25th.   Relieved and
back to Gulley Berach on the 28th - then to "W" Beach on the 30th and
sailed for Mudros arriving on the 31st.   Casualties since the 16th - 2
killed, 20 wounded, 1 accidently drowned.

On the 4th August arrived back at Gallipoli and moved up to reserve
positions at the rear of Walker's Ridge.   Moved forward to Russell's Top
at 03.00 hrs on the 7th. They were in support during the failed attack by
the Australian Light Horse on The Nek.  Two companies also in support of
unsuccessful attack by the 8th Royal Welsh Fusiliers from Monash Gully. 
Relieved during the night and back to support trenches - half the battalion
behind Walker's Ridge, half behind Quinn's Post.

Although the Cheshire Regiment lost "only" 9 men, with 66 wounded and 2
missing, the Australian losses were horrendous.  Out of 450 Australian's
who charged across open ground, 435 of them were casualties.  The "Nek" was
actually a track leading along the narrow spur from Russell's Top
(south-west) to Baby 700 (north-east).

SDGW states that he died of Wounds.

Listed in the Guardian Year Book - Roll of Honour for 1916.   Listed on the
Metro-Vicker's Memorial.

Memorials found on:
St. Alban's (Broadheath)St. Alban's - Vicar's List
Metro-Vickers (Trafford Park)
Altrincham & District Roll of Honour
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