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William MacGarrigan

Rank:Stoker 1Number:286555
Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:Royal Navy
Name of Rgt or Ship:H.M.S. Queen Mary
Country of burial:Lost at Sea
Cemetery or Memorial:Portsmouth Naval Memorial
Town Memorial:Altrincham
Extra Information:
He had 19 years naval service.

H.M.S. "Queen Mary" was a Battle Cruiser built in 1912 and was the crack
gunnery ship of the fleet being fitted with Argo fire control director.    
 In the North Sea off the Jutland Peninsula in position 56.42N 05.40E she
was firing at the "Seydlitz" - her opposite number in the German line and
just after 16.15hrs she went into rapid firing mode.    However she was
also being engaged by the "Derfflinger" which owing to an error by H.M.S.
"Princess Royal" ahead of her was not being fired upon.   Like the "Queen
Mary" the "Derfflinger was a crack gunnery ship and she settled down to
some undisturbed target practice.   Just after 16.26hrs she hit the Queen
Mary's" 'Q' turret and then two of her 12" shells hit the forecastle
causing A & B magazines to explode.   The forward part of the ship was
destroyed and as she listed to port she was detroyed by another massive
explosion and sank stern first.    There were only 20 survivors with 1,266
crew being lost.

This was part of the Battle of Jutland.

Death reported i n the 13/06/1916 edition of the Altrincham Guardian.

The local newspaper states that his Mother's name was Mrs. Holt of
Bentley's Buildings, Altrincham.  (98 Manchester Rd ???)

Spelt McGarrigan on the Roll of Honour.

Notice repeated in the 16/06/1916 edition of the local newspaper.

Listed in the Guardian Year Book - Roll of Honour for 1917, which states
that he lived at "Bentley's Buildings", Altrincham.
Memorials found on:
Altrincham & District Roll of Honour
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