Altrincham WW1 - Surnames starting with the letter H. 

John Healey (Haley)

Rank:Sapper (Discharged)Number:11155
Name of Rgt or Ship:Royal Engineers
How Died:Suicide
Country of burial:U.K.Grave Photo:No - unmarked grave
Cemetery or Memorial:Altrincham (Hale) Cemetery
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Born at Altrincham on the 26th November 1878, the birth being registered
during the March quarter 1879 in the Altrincham R.D. - ref: 8a/178, the son
of Michael & Julia Healey (nee Hines).  His birth was registered under the
name of John HALEY (not HEALEY).     Likewise, his father - Michael was
registered as Michael HALEY when he married Julia Hines during Dec Qtr 1877
- Altrincham R.D. - ref: 8a/318.  Baptised at the Church of St. Vincent de
Paul on the 15th December 1878.

1881 Census - 18 Oakfield Street, Altrincham.    Family listed as HALEY.  
Son - aged: 2 - born: Altrincham.    Head of household - Michael Haley -
Married - aged: 25 - occ: Plasterer - born: Altrincham.  Also Julia Haley
(John's mother) - aged: 29 - born: Altrincham.    His baby sister - Mary
Haley - aged: 8 months - is also in residence.

His father - Michael (now recorded as Michael HEALEY), died during the Sep
Qtr 1882 - Altrincham R.D. - ref: 8a/123 - aged: 28.   His mother
subsequently married John Manion during the Jun Qtr 1886 - Altrincham R.D.
- ref: 8a/277.   Registered as Julia HALEY.

1891 Census - Rose & Shamrock Public House, 18 Chapel Street, Altrincham. 
(Now recorded as John HEALEY).  Step-son - aged: 12 - Scholar - born:
England.   Head of household - John Manion - Married - aged: 38 - occ:
House Painter - born: England.  Also Julia Manion - Wife - (John's mother)
- born: England.    His sister - Mary Healey - aged: 10 - scholar is also
in residence.

His Step-father - John Manion, died during the Sep Qtr 1898 - Altrincham
R.D. - ref: 8a/136 - aged: 40.

1901 Census - Rose & Shamrock Public House, 18 Chapel Street, Altrincham.  
Listed as John Healey.    Son - aged: 22 - occ: Bricksetter - born:
Altrincham.   Head of Household - Julia Manion - Widow - aged:: 51 - occ:
Beer House Keeper - born: Altrincham.   His sister - Mary Healey - aged: 20
- occ: Dressmaker is also in residence.

His mother - Julia Manion, died during the Mar Qtr 1909 - Altrincham R.D. -
ref: 8a/141 - aged: 58.

On the 17th April 1909, John Married Annie Foy at St. Vincent's R.C.
Church, Altrincham.

1911 Census - 101 Lawrence Road Altrincham.   Head - Married - aged: 33 -
occ: Bricklayer - born: Altrincham, Cheshire.   Wife - Annie Healey - aged:
34 - born: Northwich, Cheshire.  His Irish Resident Mother-in-Law - aged:
74 was also listed, as was his brother-in-Law (her son).

Their daughter - Julia Healey was born during the Sep Qtr 1911 - Altrincham
R.D. - ref: 8a/336.

Enlisted well before 11th August 1914 - see Newspaper Report.   MIC -
Drafted to France on the 18th August 1914.  Awarded the 'Mons' Star, the
BWM and the VM.

In front of his wife, on the 1st March 1921, John slit his throat at 2
Bridgewater Road, Altrincham.    Inquest held on the 4th March 1921.

John had enlisted right at the start of the War, if not before?   Under the
name of Haley, he is included in the list of 81 men from the Street that
had enlisted prior to 11th September 1914.   His MIC states that he was
posted overseas on the 18th August 1914.

Issued with a Silver War Badge No. 410550 on the 

He had served on the Western Front for over four years, he had seen just
about every horror that there was to see and was obviously suffering from
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that was not then recognised.   Another sad
casualty of the war, who is buried in an unmarked grave in Altrincham
(Hale) Cemetery.   Listed on the Chapel street Memorial on the 'Roll of
Honour' section only, not on the 'Memorial' section, as the memorial was
commissioned before his death.  Although being at the heart of Chapel
Street for most of his life, he had moved away from the Street after 1901.

As he was no longer serving - presumably discharged in 1918, he is not
commemorated by the CWGC, even though he died within their qualifying
period ending 31st August 1921.

See also the book - "The Bravest Little Street in England" by Karen Cliff,
published by Trafford Local Studies Library.

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