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Ernest Broome

Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:02nd Bn
Name of Rgt or Ship:Cheshire Rgt
How Died:Killed in Action
Country of burial:Belgium
Cemetery or Memorial:Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial
Town Memorial:Sale
Extra Information:
Born during the September quarter 1888 in the Altrincham R.D. - ref:
8a/183, the son of Oswald & Ellen Broome (nee Shaw).

1891 Census - 22 Bank Street, Sale.   Son - aged: 2 - born: Sale.    Head
of household - Oswald Broome - Married - aged: 31 - occ: Blacksmith - born:
Delamere, Cheshire.    Also - Ellen Broome - Wife - aged: 24 - born:
Ashley, Cheshire.    Plus 1 elder brother.

1901 Census - 6 Olive Terrace, Dane Road, Sale.   Son - aged: 12 - born:
Sale.     Head of household - Oswald Broome - Married - aged: 40 - occ:
Blacksmith - born: Delamere, Cheshire.    Also - Ellen Broome - Wife -
aged: 34 - born: Ashley, Cheshire.    Plus 1 elder brother.

1911 Census - The Ridge, Jubbulpore, India.   Soldier with the 2nd
Battalion, Cheshire Regiment - aged: 22 - born: Sale.

His parents are now residing at 41 Dane Road, Sale, along with 3 other

WO363 - Enlisted at Manchester into the Cheshire Regiment on the 11th
January 1907.   Aged: 18 years 4 months employed as a Brass Tuner.  
Height: 5 feet 9½ inches - Weight: 131 lb - Expanded chest 34½ inches
with a 2½ inch expansion - Complexion: Fresh - Eyes: Blue - Hair: Brown -
Church of England.  Posted to the 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment on the
25th March 1907.   Posted to India and into the 2nd Battalion on the 3rd
February 1909, arriving at Secunderabad (situated to the north of
Hyderabad), on the 26th.   Posted down to Wellington, India (situated in
southern India, to the north of Coimbatore), on the 31st July 1909.  
Stationed at The Ridge, Jubbulpore in 1910-1914.   Stationed at Bhimtal
(northern India) in 1914.   He left India on the 18th November 1914, the
voyage home to England taking 35 days, arriving at Devonport on the 23rd
December 1914.    Served at home from the 24th December until the 15th
January 1915.   He then embarked at Southampton for France on the 16th
January 1915, arriving at Le Havre on the 17th and into the 84th Brigade,
28th Division. They took part in engagements at Hill 60, south of Ypres,
Belgium.   By the 15th April they were in the trenches at Zonnebeke,
withdrawing the St. Jean on the 18th.   In support near Frezenberg and
returned to the front line at Zonnebeke on the 26th April.   Between the
26th April and the 3rd May, the Battalion's casualties were:- 16 killed -
83 wounded - 23 missing (including Ernest).

His disciplinary record is quite extensive and colourful.
U.K. - Chester - for overstaying his 'special' pass from midnight on the
17th March 1907 until 20.55 hrs on the 19th and for stating a lie for
obtaining an extension of pass - 8 days C.B. (Confined to Barracks).
U.K. - Lichfield - for being inattentive on parade on the 11th July 1907,
he received 5 days C.B.    For having dirty boots on parade and not having
his dummy cartridges on parade on the 22nd August 1907, he was given 3 days
C.B.   For leaving a fatigue party without permission on the 25th September
1907 - 4 days C.B.  
U.K. - Now stationed elsewhere other than Litchfield (not able to read
where), he was absent from camp from 12 midnight until 06.10 hrs on the
31st May 1908, for that he received 3 days C.B.   For making an improper
reply to an NCO on the 30th June 1908 - 3 days C.B.   Smoking a cigarette
on field contrary to Brigade orders on the 14th July 1908 - 2 days C.B.  
Breaking out of camp after tattoo roll call until 23.45 hrs on the 19th
July 1908 - 5 days C.B.   For irregular conduct on parade on the 7th
September 1908 - 3 days C.B.
INDIA - Secunderabad - Reported ???? in the ranks on the 28th April 1909 -
5 days C.B.
INDIA - Wellington - Committing a nuisance in camp at 23.00 hrs viz.
Urinating against the tent wall on the 9th August 1909 - 7 days C.B.
INDIA - Jubbulpore - Smoking on parade on the 17th May 1911 - 3 days C.B.  
 Slackness when on guard viz. Failing to turn out the guard at reveille on
the 30th April 1912 - 3 days C.B.    Late for parade on the 16th December
1912 - 2 days C.B.
INDIA - Bhimtal - For creating a disturbance in the band lines at 23.45 hrs
on the 23rd August 1914 - 8 days C.B.     For slovenly conduct when
marching into the detachment parade ground at 12 noon on the 1st September
1914 - 2 days C.B.
U.K. - Winchester - He forfeited 15 days pay for being absent from 21.00
hrs on the 10th to 15.00 hrs on the 12th January 1915.
FRANCE - In the Field - Given 10 days Field Punishment No.2 and forfeited
12 days pay for misconduct, in that:- on the 10th March 1915, (i) he left
his billet improperly dressed, (ii) made an improper reply to a ????, (iii)
failed to return to his billet when ordered to do so by a ????   This was
followed by another disciplinary on the 11th for not having shaved for a
GOC Inspection, for this offence, he received another 2 days Field
Punishment No.2.

His medical record only starts in India in 1909, if there was anything
before that, then it has been lost.   All the records on this sheet are
whilst he was stationed in India - no U.K. or France period records

Wellington - admitted to hospital on the 9th September 1909, with warts on
his fingers - released on the 22nd September 1909.
The Ridge, Jubbulpore - admitted to the Station hospital on the 15th
February 1910 suffering from 752 Varicoide left - released on the 9th March
1910.     All his following entries are for Malaria.   9th - 18th August
1912;  16th - 20th September 1912;  5th - 9th December 1912;  24th October
- 6th November 1913;  1st January 1914 - 10th January 1914.

MIC - France 16/01/1915.    Awarded the 1915 Star, the BWM & VM.

Death reported in the 21/05/1915 edition of the Altrincham Guardian - it
reports that a Private S. Renshaw of Altrincham wrote to say that his chum
had been killed instantaneously.    Another son is a Shoeing Smith in the
Army Service Corps, Indian Expeditionary Force.   The mother (his paternal
grand-mother) of Mr. Oswald Broome (his father) has nine grand children
serving - four of them are the sons of Thomas Broome of Altrincham.   
Photo in local newspaper.

Listed in the Guardian Year Book - Roll of Honour for 1916.

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St. Paul's (Sale)
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