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Leonard Chadwick

Ship/Rgn/Sqn No:01st Bn
Name of Rgt or Ship:Loyal North Lancashire Rgt
How Died:Died (Diphtheria)
Country of burial:FranceGrave Photo:Yes
Cemetery or Memorial:St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen
Town Memorial:Sale
Extra Information:
According to his age given when he attested and that which was given to the
CWGC, he was born in 1884/1885, in the Parish of St. Michael's, Manchester.
  I cannot find a birth record for him on those dates.    1891 Census - No
Trace.    1901 Census - No Trace.

1911 Census - 29 Meadows Road, Sale.     Boarder - Unmarried - aged: 25 -
occ: Vanman - born: Manchester.     Head of household - William Harold
Lawson (Leonard's brother in law).  Plus his sister??? - Amy Jane Lawson
(nee Dawson???)

WO363 - There are no references to him serving in the ABW in South Africa;
he would have only been aged 13 at the start of that war in 1899. Enlisted
into the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment at Manchester on the 2nd January
1903.  His attestation form does state that had previously served with the
5th & 19th Battalions, Manchester Regiment.   Perhaps this was in South
Africa???   A Labourer, he was aged: 18 years 2 months which would place
his date of birth as being October 1884.   Height: 5 feet 3 inches -
Weight: 112 lb - Expanded chest 34½ inches - Waist: 31 inches - Boot Size:
6.4 - Helmet Size: 22 - Complexion: Fresh - Eyes: Green/Grey - Hair: Brown
- Baptist.   Anchor, heart and man's head tattoo on right forearm.  
Admitted to hospital on the 25th January 1903 suffering from Cowpox (a mild
form of Smallpox) - released on the 30th.  Admitted to hospital at
Devonport on the 2nd April 1903 suffering from Urticaria (sever skin rash)
- released on the 7th.   Admitted to hospital at Devonport on the 28th
November 1903 suffering from Eczema - released on the 7th May.   Admitted
to hospital at Pretoria, South Africa on the 30th June 1904, suffering from
Conjunctivitis (certainly) second word not clear - could be Conjunctivitis
Keratitis (spelt with what looks like a 'C' - not a 'K') or perhaps - 
Conjunctivitis Scleritis???.   Anyway he spent 66 days in hospital being
released on the 30th September 1904

Posted to Gibraltar on  thhe 5th November 1903.  From Gibraltar direct to
South Africa on the 11th April 1905, though another part of his record
states that he travelled on the ship - H.T. Dilwara on the 12th April 1904.
  For not saluting an officer on the 30th September 1904, he got 7 days
C.B.   He was at Pretoria on the 19th December 1905.   Home to England on
the 9th February 1906.   He was then classed as 2nd Class for Musketry and
that he had one years service employed on the staff/regimental employ as a
Groom & Servant to an Officer.   His conduct was "Very Good" and there's a
note stating that he was "Very good with the care of horses".    In August
1912, he attended a course at the Stalybridge Range and achieved the
following results in points:- "100 yards lying: 14 - 200 yards kneeling
behind cover: 15 - 300 yards lying: 15 - 500 yards lying: 9 - 500 yards
lying behind cover: 11.  Total 64 points.

His previous 11 years signing was due to expire on the 1st January 1915 and
he re-enlisted into the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment at Manchester on
the first day of the War - 4th August 1914.    Being a regular soldier, he
was soon off to France on the 21st August 1914.   

MIC - Drafted to France on the 12th August 1914.   BWM - 1914 Star &

Death reported in the 01/12/1914 edition of the Altrincham Guardian.  
Lived for 8 years with his uncle Mr. W.H. Lawson at 29 Meadows Rd, Sale.
(Brother in Law not his uncle???   Employed at the Westinghouse Showrooms,
Old Millgate, Manchester.    Served throughout the South African war ???   
A reservist, he had served as a Dispatch Rider at the front since the start
of this war.    Latterly drafted to the Mounted Division Troops of the

Died of Diphtheria at No.10 General Hospital, Rouen.   Death reported in
the 01/12/1914 edition of the Altrincham Guardian.

M.I. - "One of the best".
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Metro-Vickers (Trafford Park)
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