Date Qualification

Technically, this is defined as anyone who died in military service between 4th August 1914 and the 31st August 1921 (WW1) and 3rd September 1939 to 31st December 1947 (WW2).

I have been slightly less strict, but then, I don't have to be! In one case I found two brothers - one died within those dates and his name was not listed on his town's war memorial and, yet his brother who died outside those dates, was included. I have also found another two brothers - both were killed in action, but the C.W.G.C. only has a record of one of them.

It is certainly not an exact science and not everything makes sense. I have found men who had been born and raised in a town, but had moved away a year or two before the war, were not included on the memorial. Similarly, men who had just arrived in the town a month or two before going to war have been included. Sometimes names have been left off, I believe, because they died of natural cases and perhaps the families did not think their son or husband qualified to be listed. There is often very little consistency in what I have sometimes found.

I have taken the view that it is not up to me to decide who should be included in these databases and who should not - if I have found any connection with Trafford, however tenuous - then they're "IN".